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February 22nd, 2008 by frank

If you have been blessed by our “LIVING AFTER THE LOSS” seminar, please leave your comments here.

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  1. Suzi Wirsing said:

    Want to pass on that my 12 year old son listened well to both of your salvation testimonies and it stood out that you didn’t let your sadness own you, but that you owned it. He told me he had his paper out to take notes and got a few down, (Sat. evening) but said he ended up listening so much that he forgot to write. The 8 year old liked hearing your testimonies, also. So, it wasn’t just the adults who were listening and learning!

    Frank, have heard some positive comments, some from the ‘lady in front who was crying so much’ on Sunday morning. God used you to speak to her present need–putting away all the what ifs and moving forward with the what nows, and looking at all she had rather than what she’s lost. Thank you!

    Sue, you spoke with a lady for quite a while on Sat. evening, but I don’t think she made it back for Sun. Thank you for your counsel, she is hurting, sure I will hear more from her tomorrow.

    Thank you both, so very much!!! Your ministry allows you to come in and do a bit of much needed boxing, and throw some well aimed, hard hitting punches, and then go. Pastor and others in ministry here, can then move people forwards. (Praise the Lord!) This will have a ripple effect that will keep touching lives for a long time.

    Thank you for your work for our Savior,

  2. Judy Parker said:

    God is doing some interesting things here, all stemming from your visit here. Some are questioning their salvation SUE! Funny thing is Pastor has spoke on all these topics before and no one ever said anything before or maybe they did! But this time they are asking ME!

    I knew after your weekend that I was being nudged OK pushed to study and spend more time in the Bible but my thought was cuz I needed it for myself in my own little world but after last night I realize that is not God’s plan! I am having many scary thoughts. I WILL NOT ask WHY but instead ask WHAT do you want me to do. I am so out of my comfort zone!! Oh Man, Oh Man, you know I still have a lot of good excuses left! Ha!Ha!
    We just finished studying Moses, I can so relate with him right now. I just can’t stop shaking my head back and forth.
    Brenda is going to help me with doing topic studies cuz a lot of questions are about the same thing and then I will have Bible verses to take them to, God’s Word have the power not me or my words. Right?! I am so afraid of giving wrong information or giving MY advice instead of staying in the Word. LOOK what you have done! THANK YOU!! I think.


  3. Brenda Popovich said:

    Having Frank and Sue come to our church for a three-part session was a huge blessing and boost for us. I would say that the impact of their message is not centered on the loss of their son, Troy – nor even in their God-centered reaction to that loss (although both these aspects touch us and challange us at a deep level). Their impact for Christ is in the fact that their foundation in the truth of God and His Word was well established in knowledge and obedience long before the storms of life came. Their steadfastness through the storm is a result of decisions and committments and a life lived centered on the Lord. The fact that they have stood firm through the storm is the reason for their ministry, but not it’s source. Frank and Sue are ordinary-everyday people who serve an extrodinary God. It is a blessing to hear Frank’s uncompromising challange to us as well as to hear the powerful testimonies both Frank and Sue shared of God’s amazing grace in bringing each of them from their wrong thinking to a saving faith in the Lord. Their testimonies touched us at many levels and God has done an amazing work through many in our church through their time with us.

  4. Pastor Jeff Miller said:

    I have had the privilege of doing ministry with Frank Zitzman for about 7 years, and the blessing of being his friend for the same. Whether it was at a church worship service or a Bible study at the county jail, hearing his testimony is always moving and inspiring. More than that, it is always God-glorifying. Frank and Sue are gifted communicators who boast in the Lord at the strength only He could have provided to overcome such a horrible ordeal. As we live in a world where tragedy is the norm (until Christ returns), their message is always relevant and comforting. I thank God for displaying His grace in Frank’s and Sue’s lives.

    Pastor Jeff Miller
    Associate Pastor, North Street Christian Church
    Butler, PA

  5. Pastor Steve Henry said:

    I highly recommend Frank Zitzman to any church for ministry. His faithfulness to rightly divide The Word of Truth and his zeal for Christ was a great encouragement to our church family. We are looking forward to having him come back. Someone who boldly stands for the infallible truths of Scripture and makes it His aim to live what he teaches is the kind of messenger that the Church needs. May the Church of Jesus Christ be strengthened with might in the inner man, and may more faithful servants like my friend Frank be bold in declaring the Whole Counsel of God for His Glory!
    With joy unspeakable and full of glory. Your fellow-servant in Christ,

    Pastor Steve Henry
    Saltwell Road Church
    Bridgeport, WV

  6. Gary Wheeler said:

    I was very moved and encouraged by your courage to share your thoughts and emotions on the loss of Troy. The way God has used your acceptance of even the difficult things in your life to minister to us and others shows that He is truly a great and gracious God. It also shows that God has a purpose for everything in our lives and His ways are truly higher than ours. Your willingness to share what God has done in your life has turned what the world calls tragedy into triumph. May God bless you, your family, and your efforts to minister to everyone He puts in your path.

    Sincerely and thankfully,
    Gary A. Wheeler

  7. Pastor Brad Bigney said:

    Frank and Sue Zitzman have been through the fire and come out the other side as refined gold. God’s grace met them in the darkest valley through the death of their son, Troy, and they allowed that grace to carry them, and to shine through them. Frank has a powerful testimony, and is a passionate communicator. I used Frank to share his story as a part of sermon series I was doing on grace and suffering. Frank loves God’s Word, and understands the foundational doctrine of the sovereignty of God. Franks style of communication is clear and pointed and will speak to the hearts of so many people that are living with brokenness and wondering “Where is God?” Frank made a statement that has stuck with me, and I’ve heard others in our church repeat it as well. After his son’s death his mind was racing with ‘What if…???’ ‘What if I’d never bought Troy that motorcycle.’ And then God reminded him he was asking the wrong question. In the face of suffering the question isn’t ‘What if?,’ the question is ‘What now?’ What does God want me to do now? How can I use this for God’s glory now? I can heartily recommend Frank’s ministry to you.

    Brad Bigney
    Senior Pastor
    Grace Fellowship Church
    9379 Gunpowder Rd.
    Florence, KY 41042
    [email protected]

  8. Pastor Jesse Boggs said:

    Frank and Sue Zitzman shared their story in our Adult education time and in our worship service. The messages entitled “Living After The Loss” are a powerful compilation of the Zitzman’s experience, insights, and understanding of Significant Losses in life. Frank’s presentation was Biblical, practical, and helpful to several here at Northgate Church. Frank and Sue have a deep love for God and are equipped to comfort others encountering grief and loss in a very helpful and practical way. Their love for their Son continues as they share his legacy with others.

    Pastor Jesse Boggs
    Northgate Church
    238 West View Ave.
    Pittsburgh, Pa.

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