An Exhortation from Troy’s Creation Ministry

July 18th, 2007 by frank

The awesomeness of God and the authority of His Word are profoundly displayed at “The AIG Creation Museum” in Petersburg, Kentucky. Offering numerous exhibits and venues that showcase the majestic handiwork of our great Creator makes this museum a unique experience that you won’t want to miss. Overwhelming scientific evidence attesting to the credibility of the Bible abounds within the walls of this impressive facility. A visit to this enlightening museum can truly be a life-changing event.

My wife and I adamantly believe in the philosophy behind the ministry of Answers in Genesis (AIG). That philosophy is wrapped up in Psalms 11:3 – “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Ken Ham, the President of AIG, quotes that verse often because it reflects the foundational nature of the ministry. AIG is earnestly trying to call the church back to the foundation of God’s Word.

We know how important that foundation is in theory, and also in practice. Having your life or your family’s life built on the right foundation means everything when the storms of life come. We want to do all we can to affirm and cement that essential truth into the minds of people.

On June 29, 2004, a storm of epic proportions came violently into our life. The strength of our foundation was severely tested when we lost our youngest child, Troy, in a horrific motorcycle accident. The shock and grief of that moment caused an avalanche of despair. (You can learn more details about that tragic event by clicking here:

Oh, the importance of having a solid foundation!!! How thankful we are that the roots of our faith were deeply imbedded in the rich soil of God’s Unfailing Word!!! God’s Truth and Promises are what carried us through that traumatic experience in our life. (You can learn more about our reaction by clicking here:

The goal of our ministry is to help others deeply plant their roots in God’s Truth. Enduring through such a devastating “season of disaster” has caused us to appreciate our solid foundation all the more. We strongly exhort you to plan a visit to the AIG Creation Museum. The foundational message that it boldly proclaims is a great asset in firming your family’s foundation.

In Christ’s Love
Frank & Sue

2 Comments on “An Exhortation from Troy’s Creation Ministry”

  1. carmen said:

    hey guys!!!! Its awesome that you are doing what your doing. To be so faithful and commited to the Lord is incredible. I can only pray to be half of what you two are! I will be at his cross around 12 tomorrow. I hope i see you guys. I love you both and hope to hear from you soon!
    Love Always,
    Carmen Jr.

  2. Hose B said:

    Sue and Frank,
    Staying with you was a fun and excitng experience. You made my friends and I feel right at home. It was very enjoyable to be able sit and talk with you. I felt very comfortable the minute I walked through your door. There will be memories that I could never have had if I didn’t stay at Troy’s Creation House.
    Also appreciated was the tour of the Creation Museum. Because of your knowledge Frank, you made the visit a great memory.
    Sue and Frank I know God has you in His plans. As obstacles come be ready to leap.
    Thank You, Hose B

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