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  1. Josiah Detwiler said:

    Thank you Frank and Sue for opening up your home to us when we visited the Creation Museum. We were all very blessed by your hospitality and encouraged by your passion for God and His Gospel message!

    I listened to Frank’s message on Living After the Loss concerning the death of the Zitzman’s youngest son, Troy, and have been inspired by their godly example of how a Christian may sorrow because the loss of a loved one but not despair or become angry with God. I now see death and suffering as yet another starting place for evangelism! Thank you for the encouragement and all of the great (healthy and nutritious) food!

  2. Brandon Smith said:

    Mr. Zitzman,

    I wanted to tell you how much it meant to both Felicia and I to be welcomed into your house this past weekend. The fellowship that we experienced with you, your wife, and your son in law was great.

    The museum was truly a “life altering experience” for both Felicia and myself. Before the trip to the museum I can shamefully say that I believed in Creation but allowed the indoctrination of the school system to warp my perception of the truth. I strongly believed (past tense) that the world couldn’t have been anything less than millions and millions of years old. For years I criticized my mother telling her that she just didn’t understand evolution and natural selection enough to know what she was talking about. This was an absolute shame. I don’t know how someone that was bought by Christ could have fallen so far away from His written word, but I did.

    When Felicia and I walked into the museum Felicia turned to me joked that there were robotic dinosaurs and humans sitting together in the lobby exhibit. She stated that “this was going to be different.” Different was right.

    As we walked deeper into the museum we hardly spoke. You have to know that the only reason I really agreed to the trip was to silence my poor mother and I had every intention and hope that there would be holes large enough to allow for my misguided views. This was not the case.

    When I was sitting in The Last Adam theater I could feel the spirit and knew that my views were shameful. Felicia told me later in the day, after we returned, that she was so convicted that she had bought into evolutionary ideology. We both cried out to God and received forgiveness. Forgiveness for our stupidity and unbelief.

    The museum and the work you and your wife have done are truly a blessing. I don’t know much about how to fight off Evolutionist thinking at the moment, but I now have a deep desire to spread the truth to others.

    On Monday when we returned I got the chance to explain to one of my instructors on the message of the Creation Museum. When I was finished she wanted the Web site (of which I gave her). It is my prayer that now instead of trying to find holes in the Word of God that I will trust, and help spread Gods words of Truth.

    Your Brother and Sister in Christ,
    Brandon and Felicia Smith (a.k.a DC girl)

  3. Zach Weaver said:

    Hey Frank and Sue! I just want to again thank you guys for opening your home up to all of us. It was such a great blessing to able to meet you both and stay in your home. Thank you for all of your hospitality. And thank you Frank for those wonderful breakfast shakes (and the S.A.D. meal presentation)! Thanks for taking the time out to give us a tour of the museum as well. It was fun to have you along. Well God bless you guys and your ministry!

  4. terri said:

    My son, his wife , myself and my husband had the blessed opportunity to stay with Frank and Sue Zitzman this weekend. We had driven up to see the Creation Museum. All I can say is Praise the LORD !! The Creation Museum is AMAZING! And so are Frank and Sue. They continue to Glorify the Lord even after suffering unimaginable tragedy! Thank the Lord for heros of faith, like the Zitzmans’ and the heros at the Creation Museum for their hard work, and dedication. Billy & Terri Smith – Mt View Baptist Church , Chatsworth Georgia.

  5. Iain and Scott said:

    Dear Frank, Sue, (and son-in-law James),

    We can’t speak highly enough of the hospitality you showed us by opening up your home to a couple of travelers from New Zealand. The two lasting impressions I have of America are its many beautiful places, and the warm welcome we received from the people who live there. When we stayed with you we felt like we were at home.

    Your enthusiasm and joy in serving the Lord was a real encouragement. We enjoyed visiting the Museum, and yet we were equally blessed by the time we spent with you. I hope, in the years ahead, to bring the rest of my family to the Museum and also to catch up with you.

    God bless, and keep up the good work.

  6. Allan Benn said:

    I’m back in the UK now after a trip to the USA to see both the Creation Museum (CM) in Cincinnati and the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum (NHS) in Washington DC. It was a wonderful trip and I can highly recommend both museums.

    I had time to study the displays in both museums and look into interpretations of natural discoveries. Seeing and being able to compare both was very useful and left me with a number of impressions :

    [1] Evolution is just a belief. It’s not a fact, can’t be proved and is often in disagreement with science.

    [2] Evolution is popular. I’m amazed at how enthusiastically it is persued and how abosulutely it is trusted.

    [3] Evolution is a series of theories, each disagreeing with the previous.

    [4] Based purely on evidence, a logical mind must conclude that the world has been created. This then leads to a search for the creator. How amazing and wonderful that this creator wants a relationship with us. The Creation Museum shows the beautiful story of not only the past from where we’ve come, but also why, and what happens next.

    [5] The details in this natural world are astounding. We are surrounded by amazing creatures living in a fragile environment, surrounded by an enormous universe. The details and enormity are beyond description, measurement or understanding.

    Frank, my time in Cincinnati was made especially good by your hospitality. (John 13:35) Thank you for the books. I’ve finished the Worldview and am on Answers now. Thanks for the lift to the museum. Thanks for the super power packed breakfast smoothie. But mainly, thanks for our discussions and the way you encouraged me. Your ministry is blessed and that’s usually a sign that you’re doing God’s will.

    I do hope to return to see both museums again and to encourage you also.


  7. Matt Smith said:

    My wife and I found Frank and Sue a breath of fresh air. I am a person who enjoys a no nonsense Christian personality. Today’s world has so many frivolous Christians. Frank and Sue Take the word of God seriously. We were blessed by our fellowship with them and enjoyed much Bible Study by merely having conversation with them. Frank was especially generous with his time and gave us the grand tour of the Creation Museum. We even went to their Chuch on Sunday and enjoyed a fine Biblically based message and after that we got to join a class which taught us to be effective evangelists. Our time with Frank and Sue was the highlight of our week long vacation which also included going to Mammouth Cave National Park in Southwestern Kentucky. Thanks again Frank and Sue for you hospitality and fellowship.

  8. Rick & Jen Jen said:

    Dear Frank & Sue:
    Thank you so very much for your warm hospitality. We sincerely enjoyed your fellowship and good-natured humor. We’ll forever remember the story of Tank. What an incredible ministry that God has called you both to lead. You inspired us with your bold, unabashed witness for the Truth of the Word and how important it is to have a Biblical Christian Worldview. We pray that as you walk with the Lord, He will shield you and your family from the enemy’s attacks. We look forward to visiting you again in the near future.
    Rick & Jen Jen

  9. Daniel Garwood said:

    Dear Frank and Sue,

    It was an honor and a privilege to get to meet you and stay at your house. It was especially a blessing to get to meet you also, after reading the incredible testimony you had, and have, after the loss of your son, even to the point of visiting the other person involved only a couple of days after that tragic accident in which Troy went to Heaven . Even though I have not suffered a loss such as yours, I can attempt to try to understand the feeling (I did lose my Mom, it will be nine years in May). It is a marvelous comfort and assurance to know that one day, because of the love that God had for us in sending His Son to die for our sins, that we will see our loved ones in Heaven one day, that we are not really saying “Goodbye”, but “see you soon/later”.
    We all want to thank you for your hospitality in taking all of us in. We really enjoyed the time spent with you. I also enjoyed watching the State of the Union speech by President Bush with you.
    I am sorry we missed the possibility of those great spinach shakes that I read about (the flaxseed pancakes were great!!), but maybe next time…. 🙂

    In Christ,

    Daniel, Viviana, Florencia, & Lucía

  10. Loren and Barbara Bieberich said:

    Frank and Sue,
    Loren and I were so blessed by your hospitality, and we are so thankful that God used you in His special way to bless the lives of Jim and Cathleen and even our son, Steve. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention your spinach shakes — even Steve had something positive to say about them, and that was a miracle in itself. Perhaps you could convince the Creation Museum to let you set up your own little spinach shake kiosk. May we encourage you as continue your ministry. It is truly one that allows others to get to know your love for the Lord and His work, as well as Troy who opened this door, calling you from your home in Pennsylvania into a “far country” for His purpose. When Jim asked us what was the favorite part of our trip to the museum, our answers were unanimous — visiting with you, Sue and your friends, for you introduced us to the museum before becoming our special “unofficial” tour guide. We would have been overwhelmed without your assistance. Thanks again for stepping out in faith to serve the King of Kings. Looking forward to visiting with you again. Isn’t it great to be united in the family of God.
    Loren and Barbara Bieberich

  11. Jim and Cathleen Vieceli said:

    Frank and Sue- We wanted to let you know that we really found our time at your home to be so inspiring. Your faith and your testimony have led us to reexamine our faith and have deepened our trust of the Lord. Your faith and hospitality were wonderful. Thank you so much for what you are doing. Troy is alive in your ministry and I can’t wait until we can all meet around His table and rejoice in the light of His fellowship.

    Jim and CathleenVieceli

  12. Dale & Debbie Schoenherr said:

    What can I say. To allow 2 total strangers from a couple hundred miles away stay in your home should say enough. My wife was real aprehensive about it, being that the museum visit was our ultimate goal, and is real shy around complete strangers. Frank, Sue, you made us feel as if we had met somewhere before, like we knew each other. I felt as welcome as if I was staying in my brothers home in California. When I was on the “Creation Museum” website, I was looking for a place to stay, and was driven right to your website. That’s as far as I got. Didn’t need to go any further. When I called you, you were so warm and inviting on the phone. My wife was real nervous for the first hour we were there, but felt so comfortable thereafter. The two of you are definately full of His Holy Spirit, and I know you will obtain the residence that you seek. I feel the Lord wants it to be as much as you do.
    Thank You, with all our hearts,
    Dale and Debbie Schoenherr from MI.

  13. Cleve, Allen, & Tim said:

    Truly, Frank and Sue are among the most hospitable and giving people that we have ever met. They opened up their home to us to spend the night when we came to visit AIG’s Creation Museum. Frank even gave several hours of his time to guide us through the museum and provide us with additional resources. The time we spent at their house was refreshing and fun.

  14. Betty Gray said:

    Dear Frank,

    You were such a blessing and a joy! Thank you for making the ‘extra-mile’ effort to come to Nana’s place to bring all the ‘goodies’ for my family. They were all impressed! Thank you for being obedient to the Lord’s leading in your life.

    I know our meeting was no accident and I look forward to see what God is going to do in your life. What a testimony you have, of how God has used the death of your precious son to bring others to Jesus.

    Because He Lives,
    Betty Gray
    Encourage Me Ministries

  15. Steve & Diane said:

    Thanks so much for listening to God and following through on your vision of being oasis-makers in Hebron! You were a blessing to us. Museum rating: phenomenal first-class explanation of the creative power of God!
    “Do you not know?
    Have you not heard?
    The LORD is the everlasting God,
    the Creator of the ends of the earth.
    He will not grow tired or weary,
    and his undeerstanding no one can fathom.”
    Isa. 40:28

  16. Darrel & Tammy Kornelsen said:

    To Frank & Sue,
    It was great to be able to stay at your house and to see the creation museum.
    To see the creation museum brought tears to my eyes…it is so good to see such a place exists…can hardly wait to bring my grand-children!
    As great as all of that was, one of the greatest treats of our whole holiday was meeting you both. Your enthusiasm for the Lord, your passion, your generosity and your servant heart was both a challenge and encouragement to us.
    Thank-you soooo much from the both of us.
    We truly feel like we were visiting a brother and sister.
    May God continue to bless and we really do plan to keep in touch (hope you take that as a promise not a threat–ha! ha! LOL)
    With hearts full of appreciation
    Darrel & Tammy
    (the guy with a lot of whithering to do!!!)

  17. Dan & Linda Reising said:

    We took 4 of our grandchildren on a trip to Answers In Genesis. Frank and Sue graciously went out of their way to meet us on a Sunday and we went to church together. What a blessing! Frank then gave us a tour of AIG. What a tour it was. His knowledge and humor made our visit at the museum extraordinary. He left us at the end to finish roaming the bookstore by ourselves.
    Later we met up at their home. Sue offered her vaccumn so we could get our car cleaned up. Then she offered her clother washer and dryer which was so appreciated. Frank and Sue talked not only with us but the children also. They never asked us for a dime but graciously gave of what they had. They continued to make sure we were comfortable. I told them both I wondered how they could continue doing this for so many. Their answer was “It is a ministry”. I do believe that. Through your acts of kindness – our lives and the children’s are forever enhanced. Every day I do laundry, I think and pray about you and the people you touch through this ministry. Thank you so very much for opening your door and your hearts. God Bless

  18. Ray and Lisa Shaver said:

    Dear Frank and Sue, Before we came, we heard about your ministry through a friend who heard it from a friend! You are famous! As I viewed your website for the first time I was moved to tears at how God has worked in your lives and led you to the ministry you have now. I just could tell that we would be blessed by staying at your home and was excited to make our trip plans! Your personal emails and phone calls were a welcome change in this world of automated everything!
    As we walked through your door finally meeting you, it was as we had anticipated. We felt so at home and welcome, like part of the family. We loved the nutrition education too and are changing some of our eating habits already. Justin, our 9 year old is always talking about those shakes and wants to go buy spinach and make them…we liked them too. Jeremy (12 yr old) loved your games! And, of course the museum tour…awesome, thank you so much!
    We also were very moved by the walls in your home dedicated to sharing about your son Troy. His faith is a true reflection of how he was raised by people who love the Lord and are dedicated to ministering to people. I will continue to share his story and your ministry with many people because it all made such an impact in our lives in so many ways. We plan to send others your way to get the same blessing! Thank you again!

  19. Melissa Jacobs said:

    WOW! There are not words to describe our visit to the Creation Musuem and staying with Frank and Sue. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we got there with our 4 small children, but as I knocked on the door and Frank welcomed our family I knew we were going to have a great visit! After only a few hours with Frank and Sue we felt like we were with famliy. You guys are so inviting and we just feel blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know you. You really do have a special ministry! Frank, your tour of the musuem and allowing us to watch the videos at your house after the kids were in bed made all the difference in our musuem experience. It was a very refreshing end to our week long camping trip to sleep in a comfortable bed and the shakes were great too.

  20. Daryl and Sam Tait said:

    To all who read this . . .
    Daryl and I have known Frank and Sue for sometime and have had the joy of getting to know their son Troy for whom this home has been named. I must say that is was a true blessing for us to be able to stay with Frank and Sue and to fellowship with them once again—it has been too long since we had had that opportunity. Frank and Sue we just want to thank you for blessing us with your warm and joy-filled hospitality, for your fellowship as brother and sister in Christ and friends, and for the wonderful tour of the Creation Museum. It is beyond what we expected, and awesome place! Mere words cannot express the gratitude we feel in our hearts. May the Lord continue to bless you, and use you to minister to all who walk through your door, who’s hearts will be impacted by your love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Much Love
    Daryl & Sam Tait

  21. The Duffields said:

    We started attending Norht Street Christian Church about five years ago, Curt attended a Sunday school class lead by Frank called Answers Academy. Ever since that class we have been hooked on Creation Science, we didn’t know there was so much scientific proof in the Bible about Creation. If it was not for Frank and his unending determination for people to know the truth and the reason they are put on this earth by God, than we’re not sure what kind of Christians we would be. To see a family go through what they have endured is truly an example of extraordinary trust and faith in Our Almighty Creator. When Frank and Sue made their announcement to our church that they would be moving and opening their house to people who wanted to come and see the Creation Museum we couldn’t wait! Then when we found out they were not going to be allowed to do that anymore it broke our hearts, but we feel that this is God’s way of working through the Zitzmans once again. If it wasn’t for these people , we’re not sure where we would be in our lives. They have been such a blessing in our lives and in many others, and we know they will continue to help others.

    Love your brother&sister in Christ,

  22. Diane Garber said:

    Frank & Sue,
    Staying with you was the highlight of our trip to the Creation Museum. You have a lovely home and you both truly have the gift of hospitality. It felt like we were staying with family. We think of you fondly and pray for you. Thank you for a delightful time in your home.

    LOVE the spinach shakes and flax seed pancakes!
    Diane & Robert

  23. Ayshea said:

    Before my group even meet Frank and Sue we knew our stay was gonna be great. As soon as we got there it was like friends and family. Better then what I was expecting, felt like home. It was great to get to know these two strong belivers in God (even though they made you feel like you had know each other for years) and all that they have gone through and their passions. I can’t wait to stay with them the next time we visit.

    Having Frank as a tour guide at the Creation Museum is indispensible. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like with out him, well it would have been frustrating, very frustrating. Not only could he tell us the little details and ‘secrets’ of the museum, but he got us through and around the crowds (knowing that we could come back later to see certain parts when its less of a bottle neck). It was purfect for a one day first time visit. Next time I will plan more time to spend there.

    Thanks guys, you made our vist even better than we planned or hoped for.

  24. Jeff and Erin Miller said:

    Frank and Sue,
    Thank you so much for your friendship, it means the world to us! You both have had such a profound impact on our family and ministry.
    Thank you so much for letting us stay with you on our recent trip to AIG. Your generosity and hospitality were beyond words. Your ministry of opening your home up to AIG pilgrim-ers was a blessing to us. May God continue to bless you, provide for you, and use you to minister to those He brings to your house!
    And Frank, thanks for the tour of the museum. We only wish that we had more time – the 5 hours we were there was just not enough!!!
    We love you both!!!

  25. Tim Fair said:

    When you agree to stay at someone’s house on a trip out of town – you never know what you might be getting into. The arrangements were made by someone else (thank you Garbers) and i had no idea what to expect.
    I showed up on a Sunday afternoon – and being a NFL fan was hoping that i might incounter some people with a TV – was i pleasently surprised when they invited me in – they were watching football – i had to swallow hard that fellow believers were of all things – Pittsburg Steeler fans. I sat down – we started talking – and right away we hit it off. Frank and Sue are strong believers who have endured hardship and come out the other side commited to trust and serve God in the face of trial. Their faith has been tested – and they believe and rely on God.
    Frank and i hit it off as we zealously talked about God and His Word being our authority. Sue – reminds me of my wife Deb – not a person of conflict – but a person of peace with inner strength.
    We all went to church that night and had a great time as Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham) was presenting at their church.
    We came home – the Garbers had arrived – and we played some games – Frank and Sue are GREAT game players – Frank and Sue play a mean game of Bible Trivia – and Sue is a Mad Gab expert.
    What a great time we had – Frank and Sue are tested; committed belivers exercising the gift of hospitality.
    Oh – the Museum’s not bad either – but with Frank as our guide – it was three times the experience.
    Thanks Frank and Sue – knowing you’re there – i would not even consider the best hotel.

  26. Curt, Marcy, Rachel and Joey Lightcap said:

    Thank you for making our trip to Kentucky better than it would have been if we hadn’t stayed in your home. Having a special needs child requires extra thought and consideration and where he feels comfortable is very important to us. While we didn’t talk much regarding the loss of your son, we did gain a better understanding of your journey through the cd you gave us of your testimony. Marcy has lost both parents and her only sibling, so she is very interested in the subject of grieving. We hope the ability to keep your house open to anyone you wish to be hospitable to remains a reality, not just for the guest, but mostly for you both. To God be the glory!

  27. Les & Sandy Lammes said:

    Our stay at Troy’s Creation House was a wonderful experience of true Christian love, graciousness and hospitality. Frank and Sue are a very generous couple who love others, especially desirous of pointing them to the Savior! Their home was a peaceful and restful oasis on our long 2800+ mile journey. Frank’s knowledge and insight made our day at the Creation Museum an unforgettable experience. How wonderful of our Lord to call this couple to this ministry of blessing others, sharing His love with His children who may arrive as strangers but leave as friends. May the Lord pour out His rich blessings on them as they continue to bless the Body of Christ!

  28. Mark, Kristin, Jack, Jesse and Olivia Ort said:

    Frank and Sue,
    The graciousness and hospitality extended to us during our stay with you on the weekend of July 13th was much appreciated. What better way to spend our son’s sixth birthday than to catch up with some friends and see the Creation Museum. Our experience was quite memorable and continues to be one of the highlights of our year. Except for your generous offer to allow us to stay, we would have otherwise not been able to visit Kentucky this year. We look forward to more visits as the kids grow up. I am hoping maybe an annual visit to the museum will be a great supplement to their Christian education experience – not to mention that it’s always a pleasure seeing you! Many blessings. 2 Corinthians 9:8!!

  29. Don Williams said:

    Dear Frank & Sue,

    One of the highlights our recent vacation was being able to go to the Creation Museum. Since there are 10 of us in our family, finding housing can be rather expensive whenever we travel. We are so thankful that you opened your home to us. Your hospitality and kindness meant so much to us. You made us feel right at home! It was a great blessing to meet you and to be able to fellowship with you. You have a unique ministry that is like a haven of rest.

    Since you have experienced the loss of a loved one, the Lord used you to encourage us after the death of my younger brother this summer. We appreciate all the literature that you gave to us as well.

    May our precious Lord bless and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you. Keep Pressing On!

    Don, Wenda, Faith, Grace, Stephen, Hope, Joy, Mercy, Mary, John & Daniel Williams

  30. Lamicela Family said:

    Dear Frank and Sue,
    Thank you so much for having us those four nights at Troy’s Creation House. It was a blessing for our family to be able to stay at a Christian home during our trip to the Creation Museum. We really appreciated your hospitality. You opened not only your home to us, but also your lives. Your testimony was truly an inspiration to us. We also really enjoyed sharing meals and family time together. With her health problems, it was good for Christine to be able to stay in a homey environment with caring people. We thank the Lord for giving you this ministry!
    Thanks again and hope to visit again sometime,
    The Lamicela family

  31. Sandy & Jane Yoder said:

    We are on a fixed income & were debating whether we could afford to go to see the museum. Then we found out that we could come in a car with some other christians. Then to further see the hand of God at work we were told that we could stay with Frank & Sue for free. That was really heart warming. They were the perfect host & hostess – plus we got the jump on the other people at the museum because Frank gave us a good taste of what to expect when we got there the next day. We had a good bed to sleep in, a very good breakfast & a tour guide at the museum. What could be better? I would heartily recommend their hospitality to anyone who was interested in the creation story.
    I also want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Frank & Sue for the homey atmosphere that they provided for us gratis. You seldom get that anymore.

  32. Tim Deem said:

    Frank and Sue, when I was planning my trip to visit the Creation Museum, I came across your website and followed up by calling to check whether it would be possible to stay with you during my visit. You assured me that there was room there and arrangements were made as to when I would arrive. From the time I arrived until I laft you made me feel as though we had known each other forever. I enjoyed the videos of the creation museum that you showed and our talks about God. You openly shared about the loss of your son and how God helped you in that time of loss. What a great God we serve! I am reminded of the scripture verse in Philippians 2:4, when I think of your kindness of letting others stay with you. May God bless you both as you continue to serve him. Your friend in Christ Jesus, Tim.

  33. Maurice and Danielle Taylor said:

    We stayed back in august and we had a blast, i am always up for the diff in life and the not so typical, so when i seen your link to the museum, ” I said this is it!!!” We have a large fam and so hotels are always a challenge, the little ones hate being smuggled in a suitcase, no i am just kiddin. No seriously you showed us the utmost in hospitality, and even glued my kids tooth back in his head at 12 in the morning, hows that for ministry? ( our son knocked his tooth out when his other brother was horsing around) And not to mention the Jesus that never takes His eyes off of you, every one of the chillins wanted to see if they could run their fastest out of His eyesight, but to no avail He followed them everyway the went. We had breakfast there and we chatted about health issues, shucks we even hosted a dinner party with the other guests when you guys were out at a little shin dig.( no I am kiddin but it was a great dinner we threw together, so we didn’t have to go out to eat with our tribe and spend a hundred buckaroos.) You Guys were and are the best, business no, ministry yes! You even let us come when i told you how weird we were, being vegan and all. Golly you all watched movies with us sent home care packets, spent time sharing your hearts with us and the other guests.Alyssa and her chillins have become lifetime friends to us as well as you guys(Frank and Sue) We came and got the crem’de la crem’. You spent your entire day showing us around at the museum and we even zipped out to lunch to a restaraunt that you chauffered us to. We could of been alone trying to figure out how to get here and there. You spent LIFE with us and the other family and I know that that has made a diff in our life adn many others and we will come again and we want you to coma and visit us, no come not coma, these tricky keys. May God Bless You and Keep You and Make His Face to Shine Upon You and Give You PEACE!!
    The Taylors!!
    Maurice, Danielle, Lil Reese, Marcus, Beatrice, Amelia, & Matthias
    We Love You Guys…..If God Be For Us Who Can Be Against Us?

  34. Luke and Holly Emmot said:

    Dear Frank and Sue, God bless you both for everything you are doing in the name of Jesus Christ. My family and I got a chance to stay in your lovely home in late August of ’07. What a blessed experience! We even got a little lost on the way in and Sue-you were nice enough to guide us to your house-THANK YOU! Who knew a Kansas boy could get lost so easily on a Kentucky highway! Even as we arrived at your house late that night you were both there to greet us and also stayed up to talk to us about the events of the following day as we planned our trip to the museum. Frank was even able to serve as parttime jungle gym for my active 4 year old daughter who thinks she is a monkey and can climb on everything and everyone. I felt horrible the next day as I learned how early a riser Frank is. Still, tired as he must have been he still was the best tour guide I could imagine. Giving great insight(Jesus on the tree) comic relief (Eve feeding Adam the fruit) and even patience as he so graciously held our place in line for the planetarium theater. Please know that you two will be in our prayers as I believe that everyone that is able should get to know Frank and Sue Zitzman-a married couple so willing to open their homes to what many would consider perfect strangers, but as we know brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you again in Jesus name,
    Luke Emmot

  35. Bob and Laureen Ross said:

    Dear Frank and Sue,
    We just wanted to write and let you know that your friendship and presence in our lives has been one of the most precious gifts the Lord has given us! From the very moment that we met you, you have been such an encouragement and testimony, as you have shown us, firsthand, how God can bring magnificent beauty from the ashes, as you have gone from tragic and unexpected death of your son Troy, into a life of transforming testimony to God’s love and grace in your lives! We have shared your story, the CD you made with Ken Ham, the resources you gave us from Answers in Genesis, and so much more with many people! Your influence in our lives has built us up and helped us grow in our faith and in our mutual ministry of pouring into the lives of people for the Glory of God!!!
    Although we have not yet been able to travel out to KY, we unhesitatingly have sent many people in your direction, knowing that your gifts of service, helps, hospitality and LOVE will be a blessing to all who enter your home!
    We can not wait to come visit and experience all that we are hearing about your Home Ministry through Troy’s Creation House!
    We love you guys, are praying for you, and look forward to seeing you soon!!!
    In the magnificent name of Jesus,
    Bob and Laureen Ross

  36. Bea Dunkel said:

    We were so blessed to be able to stay in your home overnight. It is due to your generosity that we were able to invite my nephew and his wife and son to visit the museum with us. You made it possible by letting us stay for a donation, but we know that you would have let us stay in your home for free if we needed to. It was as if we were relatives coming in for the night!
    You and Suzie have blessed us all tremendously and are a credit to your community. While you will by no means do harm to the hotel/motel business, you do make it possible for those to stay over night in the area who would not be able to do so otherwise.

    God Bless you for that.

    In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

    Bea & Denny Dunkel

  37. Francis & Wanda Akins said:

    Great website and wonderful ministry you both have towards those coming to visit the Creation Museum. Thanks again so much for you hospitality towards us and so many others.

    Wanda and Francis Akins

  38. Ron, Heather, Caleb and Micah Flatt said:

    On a 100 degree day this August our family had the amazing blessing and privilege of staying in your home and becoming your friends. Your hospitality and generosity was overwhelming, to say the very least. Right away we felt at ease when you gave our inquisitive 4 and 5 year old boys a full tour – even of your basement and an ice-cold tall glass of water!! While we talked and learned about the ministry at the museum, you were happy to allow our boys to play with their toys on your floor. To say we felt at home would be an understatement.

    The night we arrived, you showed us some videos that helped us to understand the museum and the message. The personal tour of the museum made our experience above top-notch. We understood what was going on and knew what to expect even before we arrived.

    The morning we left for the museum, you generously shared a Creation Cube with our boys. They love it and it’s been a great teaching tool in our home. Two weeks ago, when talking about the Confusion part of history and referring to the cube, Micah, our 4 1/2 year old son asked me if He could trust Christ as his Savior. We were delighted to have your family be a part of this special time!!!

    Our stay didn’t just involve the ministry of the museum, but also the ministry of a family who has experienced loss. Although we can never imagine your loss, it was an encouragement to our family to see God’s grace exhibited in numerous ways in your family. We have experienced the loss of three pregnancies in the past two years and your testimony was quite and encouragement. I know God is honored in your home.

    As a family that lives on one teachers income, we don’t get to travel very often. When we heard of your ministry and generosity, we knew it was a God-send!!! We appreciated your hospitality, generosity and your immaculate home. The lessons in good nutrition were welcome, too!!! We still talk about it all the time.

    We gladly share about your ministry with everyone who is interested in visiting the museum! Our family looks forward to visiting again with our new friends, Frank and Sue.

  39. Rory & Val said:

    We stayed in Troy’s Creation House near the end of August ’07 with our two young boys and were overwhelmed by the kindness, generosity and love of Frank and Sue. Frank gave freely of his time, giving us a personal guided tour of the Creation Museum. Not only that, but Frank and Sue had pity on us as we are poor seminary students and allowed us to stay for free!

    May God bless and prerve this generous and gracious ministry for many years to come.

  40. Eric & Michelle Blievernicht said:

    My wife and I and two young daughters (ages 1 and 4 at the time) were blessed to be able to stay at the Creation House in early August. I can’t recommend the Creation House enthusiastically enough. They were able to accommodate us on short notice after our other plans fell through, and made every effort to make our visit a pleasant one, and then some. Frank and Sue’s love for their ministry is something that really shows, and their guests are blessed to have the opportunity to stay with them.

    Regarding zoning, we didn’t feel like we were visiting a hotel or even a bed & breakfast. We felt like we were visiting friends and staying a night in their home. And within the bounds of Christian brotherhood, that’s really just what we were doing. The pressure-free, free-will donation basis of their guest ministry makes it impossible for me to regard it on the same basis of a commercial venture, and I sincerely hope local officials take this into account.

  41. Donna, Paul's Mom said:

    My sister sent this link to me. She is considering visiting the museum and came across your sight. The reason she thought of me is cause I too lost my son to a motorcycle accident. On Aug 31st 2005 my only son Paul went to be with the lord. I live in Indianapolis and he was a 1,000 miles away at college. I found out from the Indiana State Troopers knocking on my door at 1.45am. My whole world came crashing down!!! I want to extend my sorrow for the loss of your precious son Troy and let you know I understand the pain you live with. I also want to say how wonderful it is that you can keep his memory alive through Troys Creation House. I know he`s so very proud of his mom and dad. Sending big hugs, Donna ^i^ Pauls momma forever

  42. Donny & Sarah said:

    Dear Frank and Sue,
    Our stay with you this summer meant so much to us both, that it’s hard to know how to put it into words! We came to your home expecting to enjoy fellowship with fellowbelievers, but we came away having experienced so much more. Your godly example in unreservedly sharing what God has given you, your humble devotion in seeking to serve your creator and your tireless witnessing to His grace in your lives made a big impression on us. It would not be an over-statement to say that the whole experience has helped change our outlook on life… for the better. I know that God will continue to bless you as you live out the truth of HIS love so loud and clear. We’re so glad God led us to meet you and we’d love to encourage other people to get down there and do the same!

  43. Francis & Wanda Akins said:

    What a blessing you have been to us along with so many others who have stayed with you since the opening. We also lost a son at the age of 26 very suddenly. We will always remember how you were such a comfort to us and have told so many people how you are God’s Gift to people who you witness to. This is especially true to the ones who also have lost children. May our Lord and Savior make a way for you both to continue in your outreach to so many of us. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!!!
    Love in Christ,
    Francis & Wanda Akins

  44. Jo Ann Hanson said:

    I so enjoyed staying in your home. It was a family away from home. I never felt I was staying with strangers. I enjoyed the openness of praying and speaking of God things. I was surprised at the fact you weren’t “charging” for staying in your home. I was packed and had everything in my car – you helped me carry it out – and nothing was said about “payment”.

    I enjoyed the mseum and your enthusiasm in sharing it. I agree with you that God has brought you to this ministry.

    I like the vision painted by Corrie ten Boom when she talks about the needlework (our lives). How it is a jumble of threads and knots to us as we see the underside, but the fact that God sees the beautiful finished upper side. He sees our lives from beginning to end and it all makes complete sense. We only see the current knot.

    I pray He will show you His plans for your home and your ministry. I pray this current knot will soon be undone.

  45. Hayley Strege said:

    Dear Frank and Sue,

    I am so thankful for your family and the hospitality ministry that you provided for my sister, our friend, and me. It was amazing to be in a house so full of life with such passion about the Creation Museum and its groundbreaking significance for our generation and those to come. I loved being able to play tennis with you, Frank (o yeah), and the spinach shakes and pancakes that we ate together were a special treat and a welcome breakfast, which was so generous and thoughtful of you. I am sure that my experience at the museum was enhanced by my stay with you. Because of you, I am trying to encourage others I know to visit with you and be given a personal tour of the museum. I love you, too, and I pray that you are able to continue blessing the lives of others 🙂 God bless you 🙂

    With love in Christ,


  46. Hayden, Heather, Ben & Susanna Norris said:

    Frank and Sue,

    Staying with you was such a wonderful example of what true hospitality is. In a day and age of where people in our society are so concerned with self, you both demonstrated Christlikeness (Heb. 13:2). We feel like we have know you both for many years and talk fondly to others about the bond we immediately had with you in Christ. You both made our vactaion so special, and relaxing. What a ministry you both have!!!

    Thank you so much for your love, and devotion to Christ our Savior. You are definately passionate about the museum and it was great to see it through your eyes. It was also wonderful to see how the Lord is using your loss to help so many. The books that you gave to us a guests, and the tour were priceless. My wife is reading one of teh books that you gave us about suffering to minister to a family dealing with a great loss, and I am beginning the one on Heaven soon to go along with what I am teaching our youth.

    We will pray that the Lord will protect your ministry! If you need anymore help from us, count us in. Your hospitality without any expectation of any payment was astounding and a blessing, and an example for us all to emulate. Thank you for living out the Gospel so faithfully and making it of “first importance” in your life (1 Cor. 15:3).

  47. Jim & Becky Kennedy said:

    Thank you so much, Frank and Sue, for the wonderful hospitality you showed is in September. We not only had a wonderful stay in your beautful home, but we returned home renewed and excited about knowing our Creator in a more intimate way. We appreciate your expertise with regard to the museum and are thankful for all the resources you gave us when we left. May God bless your ministry.

  48. Steve and Debbie Park said:

    We really enjoyed staying with you for a couple days. It was nice to stay with someone who knew the museum and could show us the “ropes”. Thank you for opening your home to us without requiring any remuneration. Feels just like staying with family.

  49. Stacey Dee said:

    In August of 2007 my 3 daughters, my neice and I all stayed with Frank and Sue Zitzman at their home (Troy’s Creation House) while we were in the area to see Answer’s in Genesis’ Creation Museum. We so enjoyed our time visiting and getting to know the Zitzmans who welcomed us into their home, fed us, showed us wonderful videos on the Creation Museum, chatted about nutrition and even did facials! They turned our visit into a fun “reunion” with friends who we’d just met! Instead of having to find a hotel and figure out the museum for ouselves we were blessed to stay with this family as a family, as friends, and Frank even took us to the museum and showed us around! What an incredible ministry! We were blessed and we continue to be blessed as we feel we now have new friends in our lives for good!

  50. Tony Ramsek said:

    Well, we haven’t stayed in your home, but we love you all so much nonetheless!!

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