Comfort Poems


The Lord gave me a very special son

With whom I spent time and had so much fun

The joy that he brought to me and my wife

Has given us memories that have so blessed our life

From the time he was able to put a smile on his face

Seldom would you see him without it in place

He was always so happy, and a joy to be around

It was nearly impossible for anyone to frown

When Troy-boy would talk with his sweet little voice

Smiling and laughter became your only choice

As he grew older, his talents did grow

Oh how he was able to put on a show

Walking on bowling balls in his bare feet

That boy was like no one you ever did meet

He was able to master everything he would try

Oh when I think of him, I so want to cry

I remember the time that he shot his first deer

It took all that he had not to let out a cheer

Tennis was my game until I taught him

Oh did that boy know how to win

He even beat me to heaven, and I can just see his face

Smiling when he says, “Dad another second place.”

I can see his excitement as he shows me around

And we reminisce of the days that we had on this ground

I can only imagine what that day will be like

When I can again hug my son and hold him so tight

Though the joy that he left us resides deep within

I just can’t imagine our life without him

But my God is great, and can do awesome things

I am so excited to see all the blessings he brings

When God SCULPTS your life, this need not be

What the world seems to think is an ultimate tragedy

God is so great that he can take what is bad

And turn it around and make your heart glad

My son is no longer here in this place

But I know for certain I will again see his face

My prayer this day is that everyone I meet

Would on this earth bow at the LORD JESUS’ feet

Then theirs would be heaven, a place of great joy

And they can bask in the blessing with me and my Troy

Fond memories come to my mind and tears to my eyes each time I read this poem.Though I will NEVER get over the loss of my son, I will continually PRAISE the LORD for His faithfulness in the midst of that loss.I’m so thankful that He gave me this poem as a benediction of hope.What a blessing to know that tragedy can be turned to triumph by our SOVEREIGN CREATOR!!!Death, no matter how tragic, is only an interruption, not an end.The LORD indeed is “so great that he can take what is bad, and turn it around and make your heart glad.”Bless His Holy Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Four years have passed since we lost our dear Troy

Words can’t describe how we miss that boy

We will never forget his smiling face

And the joy that he brought us here in this place

Yes the grief is real, and sometimes hard to bear

But praise be to God, there’s still victory to share

Death’s ugly sting has been vanquished you see

By the Jesus who died for you and for me

Oh tragedies will come on this old cursed earth

But they can quickly become opportunities for birth

If we keep our dear LORD in His rightful place

And offer Him praise, what a difference it makes

So here’s my praise to the AWESOME One

Who now lovingly holds my precious son

Thank you dear LORD for the opportunity to

Tell others about the glories of You

For the way that You comfort in the midst of such sorrow

For the HOPE that You give of a brighter tomorrow

For the doors that You open for us to proclaim

The soul cleansing gospel that wipes away shame

For the stamina that comes from Your Powerful Word

For the freedom that comes when Your Message is heard

For the way that You take what is broken and crushed

And infuse it with life through Your Sovereign touch

Oh what a blessing to be a child of the Master

And experience endurance in the face of disaster

Yes thank you dear LORD for the opportunity to

Tell others about the glories of You

Thanks to the providence and grace of our Glorious Master, Troy’s death has not been an end, but a beginning.Through the sustaining power of His Word, the LORD has enabled us to own and use our grief, rather than our grief owning and abusing us.While the loss of a young and vibrant 17-year-old boy would appear to be meaningless, our Great God has chosen to make it meaningful.How truly blessed and thankful we are!!!!!Though our precious son will always be deeply missed, we will never cease to exalt the Sovereign One who has provided us “AN OPPORTUNITY TO” out of the tragedy of his death.How we praise His Majestic and Holy Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Broken Chain

We little knew that morning that Godwas going to call your name.

In life weloved youdearly,in death we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone;

For part of us went with you, the dayGodcalled you home.

You left us peaceful memories,your loveis still our guide;

And though we cannot see you, you are always at our side.

Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same;

But as Godcalls us one by one, the Chainwill link again.

Words cannot begin to express the thankfulness that I have for the reality of the words of this poem.For the Redeemed, death is only an interruption in our communion with our loved ones.How wonderful to know that we will meet them again on Heaven’s shore!!!What a marvelous truth and hope for the Christian!!!

Oh, how I have longed for just a moment to hug my son again.To hold his precious body in my arms, to tell him that I love him, and to hear him say the same to me.What a blessing to know that “the chain will link again“, and that those longings will indeed be a reality in our Celestial Home.!!PRAISE THE LORD for His glorious provision!!!!!!!!!















What a wonderful truth is conveyed by this poem!I like to call that truth “The LIBERATING Stephen Principle”.When Stephen, the first Christian martyr, left this world, it was no accident or surprise to God.His death came at just the right time in his life.With the final stroke of God’s providential hand, the “beautiful and perfect poem” of Stephen’s earthly existence was ended.

I believe God wanted to put on display particular attributes through Stephen’s life (as He does with every believer).When those attributes were displayed adequately through him, it was time for Stephen to leave this earth.Steven had fulfilled his task.The Poet took the words back into his heart” after “there was no more which ought to be said”.

Though Stephen died a young man, God’s providential timing of his death displayed attributes that will always be remembered.Attributes such as strength, courage, boldness, forgiveness, determination, love of the TRUTH; Stephen’s life was a living testimony of all those qualities.And when those qualities were being displayed the loudest, the LORD took him from this earth to his home in Heaven.

In a remarkable and masterful way, God uses people like Stephen to indelibly impact the world.Interestingly, we all encounter “Stephen’s” at different times in our life.

The LORD blessed me with a Stephen within the walls of my own home.I will never forget Troy-boy’s light-hearted sprit, his passion to enjoy life, his determination to succeed, and his persevering attitude to make the best of every situation.Oh, how I thank the LORD for giving me the blessing of living with that special boy.

When I think of losing my precious son, remembering the attributes that God displayed through his young life liberates my soul from the sadness and grief that threatens to overwhelm it.I will eternally praise the LORD for the “The LIBERATING Stephen Principle”, a concept that has brought immense comfort and intense praise from the deepest part of my soul.What a SOVEREIGN God, an AWESOME Creator, and a GRACIOUS Father we serve!!!May His Glorious Name be praised forever!!!

“Merry Christmas from Heaven”
Author Unknown

“I still hear the songs,
I still see the lights,
I still feel your love
on cold wintry nights,
I still share your hopes
and all of your cares,
I’ll even remind you
to please say your prayers,
I just want to tell you,
you still make me proud,
you stand head and shoulders
above all the crowd,
keep trying each moment
to stay in his grace,
I came here before you
to help set your place,
you don’t have to be perfect
all of the time,
he forgives you the slip,
if you continue the climb,
to my family and friends,
please be thankful today,
I’m still close beside you,
in a new special way,
I love you all dearly,
now don’t shed a tear,
cause I’m spending my Christmas
with Jesus this year.”

I have to tell you that I haven’t obeyed the “now don’t shed a tear” line of this poem.I’ve shed plenty, but I’ve also “continued the climb” by God’s Sustaining Grace.I pray that all who read this poem will cry out to the OMNIPOTENT and GRACIOUS Heavenly Father who will empower them to do the same.


What brings joy to a person these days?

Is a question that’s answered in a variety of ways

Some think that money is all that is needed

But often it’s money that makes people conceited

Some believe things can make us feel whole,

But things do nothing to satisfy the soul.

All that is here in this world that we see

Can at best only bring a temporary glee

So what does it take to bring a joy that will last?

In a world where tragedy can bring sorrow so fast

How do you cope when the hard times do come?

Like losing the life of a precious loved one.

The answer for sure is outside of our self

Outside of this world and all of its wealth.

Only a God greater than what we can see

Can provide us the joy that all of us need.

A joy not based on things or net worth

A joy that comes with a person’s new birth

No matter the trial or suffering of this life.

This joy OVERCOMES the world and its strife.

So I ask you today, “Is this joy deep within?”

Or are you in bondage to the dominion of sin?

Do you know the God who is faithful and true?

Or is your confidence solely in you?

I hope and pray that you bow before the King

And receive the joy that only He can bring.

A joy in the heart that only God can form.

A joy that defeats the most perilous storm.

This joy is available to all who will come.

In humble confession to God’s only Son!

By Frank Zitzman

The source and stability of your joy is revealed and tested in times of tragedy.God alone is the author and only true source of OVERCOMING and LASTING joy.I pray that the words of this poem will stand as a reminder of the security and peace that comes from intimately knowing the LORD.A God-generated joy does indeed “defeat the most perilous storm”.How worthy and deserving He is to be praised!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The source and stability of your joy is revealed and tested in times of tragedy.God alone is the author and only true source of OVERCOMING and LASTING joy.I pray that the words of this poem will stand as a reminder of the security and peace that comes from intimately knowing the LORD.A God-generated joy does indeed “defeat the most perilous storm”.How worthy and deserving He is to be praised!!!!!!!!!!!!!